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Stepper Motor Driver With Arduino UNO

Technominds is a rising firm for technology seekers. We provide solution for  different Electronics based projects in Industry, R & D and Educational sector too.   We undertake system designing in multiple  areas such as Automation/PLC, Micro-controller based projects (e.g. stepper motor drivers, Automatic Water Level Controllers,Home Security,etc.) ,RFID based systems such as attendance monitoring suystem,Robotic machines such as Smart pick and place , PCB making machine, CNC drilling machines etc. We have expertise in newly evolving field of Magnetics for research particle detectors (test bench for magnetic measurements are available with us).Wireless communication /RF/Antenna design is another eye-catching field in electronics Technology which we employ in our communication systems.In the race of technology, why to lag behind? Contact us for new Raspberry and Arduino based projects.

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